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We value our patients' experience at Complete Health Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Cody Masek

TMJ (jaw problems)

"For years I had chronic headaches and jaw pain. My dentist said it was TMJ syndrome. Splints and occlusions didn't seem to help. Eventually I began to experience burning, aching pain in my face that would sometimes feel like a shock. After my chiropractor fixed my neck alignment, my pains disappeared. Thank you so much!"


"Conventional medical doctor's recommended muscle relaxants and surgery. After a week of chiropractic adjustments at Complete Health Chiropractic, I was able to drive, and within a month, the pain was gone. Amazingly, chiropractic adjustments fixed my TMJ too, when my dentist didn't even diagnose it."


Headaches and Fatigue

"Since I was a teenager I had headaches, sinus problems, moodiness, depression, and extreme fatigue. I was put on three different medications and all it did was make me like a zombie. My chiropractor discovered I had FHP (forward head posture) that was interfering with my nerves at the base of my skull. After correcting my neck curve and my FHP, my problems are gone and I feel normal again. Dr. Cody and Dr. Tyler are amazing. Thanks!"


"I used to have constant headaches, neck stiffness, and fatigue. Every doctor I saw, just gave me pills. When my chiropractor x-rayed my neck, not only did he find a congenitally blocked vertebrae, he identified the first bone in my neck jammed against my skull, pinching my nerves and brain stem. Once my neck curve and FHP was fixed, my headaches disappeared, my neck was looser, and I got my energy back."


"After my car accident 10 years ago, I suffered with headaches, trouble concentrating, vision problems, and severe stabbing pain in the face, cheek, and mouth which was diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia. Nothing seemed to help until my FHP was corrected, which took the pressure off my brain stem. Thank you."


"I would say this has improved my quality of life by 95%. I would have a headache every day, now I seldom if ever experience a headache. My day to day life is so much better HEADACHE FREE. I used to feel as though I had "potato chips" crunching in my neck, not Anymore!"


Tinnitus and Vertigo

"I suffered with headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, and chronic fatigue for ten years. After my neck alignment was corrected, my headaches, tinnitus, and vertigo were gone, I could think clearer, and I had more energy."


Carpal Tunnel

"I suffered with severe numbness, weakness and pain in my arm, wrist, and fingers. My doctor recommended surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Tyler found a reverse curve in my neck causing nerve pressure to the nerves in my arm and hand (double crush syndrome). The chiropractic adjustments fixed my neck and my symptoms are now gone…without surgery!"



"Our 8 year old son was not outgrowing his bedwetting problem. After only one week of adjustments, he was making it thru the night without accidents. After a few months his spine was straight and his bedwetting was gone. Chiropractic works! Thank you."

"My 11 year old son Matt was still wetting the bed. The x-rays showed a reversed spinal curve at the top of his neck, which affected his breathing. His short, rapid breathing caused him to lose bladder control. After the subluxations in Matt's neck were corrected, he stopped wetting the bed. Chiropractic is great. Thanks!"



"I've had fibromyalgia for 22 years and have had many types of therapy to stay mobile and deal with the pain. Chiropractic has provided the only real improvement that I've had. I have much less pain, and more mobility. Other problems such as asthma, allergies, arrhythmias, have totally disappeared once my neck was corrected. Thank You Complete Health Chiropractic so much for relieving my suffering."


Crohn's Disease and Digestive Problems

"I was previously diagnosed with Crohn's disease and I had a lot of problems digesting food and I had certain food allergies. My doctors prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs that were supposed to ease these symptoms. I had no success. After 12 months of seeing Dr. Cody, I have regained my strength and feel better than I have in years. This year I am attempting an iron man triathlon, and without chiropractic, this would not be possible."


Endometriosis and Dysmenorrhea

"I suffered with severe endometriosis and dysmenorrhea for years. I tried every medical treatment, and as a last resort they recommended a hysterectomy. A chiropractic exam discovered I had a severe FHP (forward head posture) and had lost the normal curve in my neck. I was astonished to see research on how the hormones are affected by the adjustment of the neck. My neck is now normal and my endometriosis is gone. I have just got married and can now look forward to starting a family."


Eyesight Improvement and Sinus Relief

"After only five adjustments my eyesight began to improve."

"After my fifteenth visit, I began to read without my glasses."

"My energy has increased and my sinus condition has disappeared"


Back Problems

"Three doctors told me I needed to have surgery for a herniated disc in my low back.

My friend recommended Complete Health Chiropractic. My pain is gone, and I feel stronger and more stable than ever. I could even do things I haven't been able to do since high school!"


"I had been dealing with low back pain and irritable bowel syndrome for a couple of years. I had my spine screened at a run and went into the clinic for an exam. My exam results showed my pelvis was shifted to the side and was affecting the nerves to my low back and colon. After only a couple of weeks, my back pain was gone and after a few months my digestive problems disappeared. My spine is now corrected and I feel like a normal person again. Thank you."


"I suffered with chronic low back pain, menstrual problems, and low back pain most of my life. The Dr. found a 24 millimeter shift in my pelvis which was affecting nerve flow to these areas. After my spinal correction I was free from all of these problems. Thank you."


Rib Dislocation

"Yesterday I was on my way to the emergency room and stopped into your office on the way to see if you could help me. Within minutes you had adjusted my ribs and I could breathe again. When I left your office, though still in considerable pain, the relief was enough that I felt I could cry tears of joy. By last night I was able to sit up comfortably and enjoy dinner with my family. This morning I woke with no trace of pain. I am thrilled. You truly have my gratitude. No more emergency room visits, instead I will head straight to your office. Please thank your assistant for her kindness and care for me. You are a true healer and I thank you deeply."



"I never considered going to a chiropractor for my asthma. As I learned, I had significant FHP (forward head posture). After getting adjusted, I began to feel better overall. The biggest benefit is knowing this problem was caught before it became a major health issue, saving me a lot of pain and money in the future."


How has your health improved since starting chiropractic?

"Dramatically! I was suffering from acute back bending pain, sciatica pain from the left hip and spinal curvature in the low back (revealed by the x-rays). I feared I might not be able to walk much longer.

All the above has changed starting within about two weeks of adjustments. Other problems such as digestive have vanished."

Dana S.

"It has improved greatly. Much less pain since starting treatment. Improved range of motion. Overall feeling better."


"My upper back muscles were constricting and hurting so much, I had to hold and squeeze the muscle to get it to stop hurting. The condition is much better."


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